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Caring for pets can sometimes seem like having children - it's a never-ending job to keep them healthy and happy. It’s always worth it, though, to take the precautions necessary to ensure that the most vulnerable among us are protected from harm.

Vaccinating your pet is an essential and affordable way to protect his or her health. In addition to protecting against many life-threatening illnesses, vaccinations can keep diseases prevalent in wildlife from infecting your pet and being passed on to the humans in your household.

It’s important to begin vaccinating your pets as puppies and kittens - while their young immune systems are still developing - and to maintain a regular vaccination schedule throughout their life.


While any medical treatment involves some degree of risk, in the case of vaccinations, the benefits far outweigh any potential side effects. Adverse reactions are rare and usually mild and short-term when they do occur.

Which vaccines should your pet have? “Core” vaccines are those recommended—and possibly mandated by law—for all pets. Core vaccines include:

  • Rabies (dogs and cats)

  • DA2PPV – Distemper, Hepatitis, Adenovirus 2, Parvo, and Parainfluenza (dogs)

  • FVRCP – Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia (cats)

Non-core vaccines are administered on a case by case basis, depending on an individual pet's risk of infection, and include:

  • FeLV - Feline Leukemia Virus (cats)

  • Bordetella – better known as Kennel Cough (dogs)

  • Leptospirosis (dogs)

  • Canine Influenza (dogs)

  • Lyme disease (dogs)

  • Rattlesnake vaccine (dogs)

The vibrant offerings of the foothills and active lifestyles of many Grass Valley residents expose our pets to a myriad of dangers. It is important to consider that even those pets who rarely leave the comfort of their own properties are at risk of exposure. Our Brunswick Veterinary Clinic can advise you which vaccinations are advised based on your pet's age, health and lifestyle.  

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