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Wellness Exams

While many caretakers only seek care for their animal during times of need, regular veterinary visits can ensure your pet's longevity. Much like human medicine, developing a relationship with a community veterinarian, like Brunswick Veterinary Clinic, allows your veterinarian to become familiar with your pet and the opportunity to pick up on subtle changes in their health which may be signs of underlying issues.

During your pet's wellness exam, your veterinarian will perform a thorough physical examination including their skin, coat, eyes, ears, lung and cardiovascular function, oral and dental health, musculoskeletal status and even their behavior. All of this information is then taken into account to provide your pet with a health and treatment plan tailored just for them (and you!).

To accompany your pet's wellness exam, your veterinarian will likely recommend a combination of vaccines and parasite prevention to ensure your pet remains as healthy as possible. Our vets follow American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommendations for both vaccines and parasite prevention in our local, Grass Valley region.

Depending on your pet's dental exam, your veterinarian may also recommend a dental cleaning. Poor dental health can often lead to more serious health problems and regular dental cleanings are highly recommended as part of your pet's ongoing veterinary care.

Proper nutrition varies greatly between animals and a personalized feeding program can be developed in concert with your veterinarian to boost your pet's long-term health. Your veterinarian may ask you specific questions about your pet's current feeding program and suggest changes if indicated by their exam.