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Dental Care

As children, we learn the importance of regular dental care and are taught to brush after every meal. Imagine the health of our teeth without this attentiveness! Dental care for your pet is no different and regular exams and cleanings are key to preventing more serious issues down the road.

By the age of three, most dogs and cats have some evidence of periodontal disease. This is the most common, preventable condition found in adult pets and is often overlooked by owners as pets may not show any outward signs or symptoms. In fact, because so many pets suffer without notice, periodontal disease often goes untreated until more serious oral issues or organ damage develops.

Routine dental care for your dog or cat, while an investment, has an incredibly positive impact on the long-term health and happiness of your animal.

Brunswick Veterinary Clinic offers comprehensive dental health services including dental exams, annual dental cleanings, digital dental radiographs (x-rays), tooth extractions and oral surgery when needed.