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Our focus, as both veterinary professionals and pet owners, is to help our pets live the longest, healthiest lives possible. That starts with the basics: a quality diet, plentiful exercise, regular grooming, and yes, routine check-ups.

Regular preventive care visits are your pet’s first and most important line of defense – we recommend at least once yearly for young pets, twice yearly for seniors. Brunswick Veterinary Clinic’s comprehensive wellness exams assess every aspect of your pet’s health – in addition to administering vaccines to control viral and bacterial diseases, they help to ensure early detection of other illnesses that, while not obvious, might have an even greater impact on your pet’s quality of life.

After evaluating their overall health - which includes a thorough examination of their skin and coat, lung and cardiac functions, oral hygiene, eyes, ears and demeanor - our veterinarians will tailor the following recommendations to match your pet’s condition and lifestyle with your goals for their overall health.

Vaccinations – Keeping your put up to date on immunizations and booster shots is the most effective way to prevent common but often deadly diseases and infections. Beyond the core vaccines protecting against Rabies and Distemper, age, lifestyle and likelihood of exposure to certain other diseases will be used to identify a vaccination plan that is best suited to your pet.

Parasite control - Fleas, ticks, heartworms and intestinal parasites – the best control is prevention. Prevention is much easier, safer, and ultimately less expensive than treatment. We recommend early and regular screening for parasites and offer a variety of both oral and topical flea, tick and heartworm preventatives for all pets.

Dental Care - As children, we all learn the importance of brushing after every meal and annual dental cleanings. Imagine the health of your teeth without this regular attention – this same thing is happening to your pet’s teeth without proper oral care. As with most things, prevention is key. Regular brushing or the use of certain approved hygiene chews in conjunction with annual dental cleaning can go a long way towards reducing the need for expensive extractions and more serious dental work down the line, as well as keeping your pet comfortable and happy.

Nutrition - There is so much debate and no one ‘right’ answer about what to feed your pet. Diets that sound nice to us may not ultimately be in the best interests of your pet. Proper nutrition is the foundation of good health and we can help you determine the best match for your pet and your lifestyle. We also offer several lines of prescription diet formulations designed to target more specific health conditions.

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