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Our pet portal makes quick and convenient work of scheduling a visit, managing your appointments and keeping tabs on your pet's medical record - including vaccine history. No login is required to schedule an appointment, but we do encourage you to use the app to help keep all of your pet's concerns conveniently organized. Forgot your user ID or password? No problem – the system will help you reset it.

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Pet Health Resources 

The internet is a truly wonderful thing, but sometimes it's hard to know who to trust. While we always encourage you to speak with your veterinarian personally about all things related to your pet's health, we agree that knowledge is power. The following list of references are trusted resources - veterinary professionals we feel you can look to in our absence. 

  • Veterinary Partner - From the team at Veterinary Information Network (VIN), one of the largest online animal health compendiums. 

  • Toxic Plant Database - An exhaustive and searchable list of toxic and non-toxic plants - by species - prepared by the ASPCA. A must read for anyone looking to bring some new greenery into the home or preparing to spruce up their garden!

  • Veterinary Cancer Society - This non-profit educational organization is one of the leading sources of client information and support when it comes to veterinary oncology. Whether you're simply curious, your pet was recently diagnosed with cancer, or you know someone whose pet received a cancer diagnosis, VCS can answer your questions. 

The references provided above are for informational purposes only, designed to help further your understanding of various pet health conditions. They are not designed to serve as, nor shall they be a substitute for, any recommendations or diagnosis provided by your veterinarian.